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Welcome to Peace of Mind Drug & Background Screening

Stuff happens in life. You can still have peace about it.

We are a local company with a broad national reach. In the midst of concerns stemming from issues relating to substance abuse screening, troubled backgrounds, and biological family relationship questions, Peace of Mind Drug & Background Screening offers services and solutions that will help you navigate through the storm. We are pleased to offer a better, faster solution to peace of mind… Catch them quick!

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How To Find Us

4500 140th Ave N., Ste 210
Clearwater, FL 33762

Between 49th Street and Roosevelt Blvd.
Close to the St. Pete – Clearwater Airport

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When Trouble
Comes Around

Let us help you through the drug screening side of the court process. We are fast, discreet, and we are here to help you move forward. Whether it is a 5-panel, 10-panel or alcohol screen from a court case or probation, we are available nights, weekends and holidays to assist*.

No doctor’s note required.

*Conditions may apply. Call for details.

Stuff Happens

We understand that stuff happens in life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have peace of mind about it. Our caring staff is available for when it does happen to you.

Urine Drug Testing
DOT Drug Testing
Hair Follicle Drug Testing
Specialty Drug Testing

Tenants + Applicants

Did your applicants neglect to tell you their previous address?

Background Screening

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Moving In?

Renting your home is a big decision. Start it out right with a thorough and complete background and credit screen so you know who you’re dealing with. This process costs you nothing as an owner. We can show you a person’s criminal record or how responsible they are with paying their bills.

paternity testing

No Kidding!

Not your kid, or you think they are? Find out with our most comprehensive DNA testing available.

No doctor’s note required.

Families + Kids

Who’s our Daddy? Don’t know? We can help you find out with discreet DNA paternity testing that is quick, but thorough. We understand situations can be delicate or work schedules can make appointments hard to make. Parents can even be tested at different times. Paternity testing affects peoples’ lives – get the most accurate results!

DNA Paternity Testing

Family & Paternity

Low-cost discreet DNA testing. Discover peace of mind with our caring staff and accurate results.


Court Ordered & Alcohol Testing

Quick, easy and convenient.
Results submitted to courts directly for your convenience.


Employment & Tenant Screening

Criminal and credit background checks to workplace drug testing, protect your staff and property.