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4 Reasons Why Teens Experiment With Drug Use

Supporting Your Teenager to Avoid Drug Use

There is rarely just one reason why people try substances like drugs and alcohol. For many teenagers at this stage of their life, there are multiple reasons why they might be tempted to try drugs and other substances in Clearwater. If you want to understand more about your teen, or teens you work with, it can be helpful to look at some of the main reasons why they might experiment with drug use.

  • Peer Pressure
    Like many things, peer pressure is a driving factor behind drug and alcohol use for many people. Teenagers can be more vulnerable to being influenced than older people, who may feel more empowered to resist the temptation or say no to their friends. In social situations like parties, it can be difficult for teens not to try the same things as their friends and share the same experiences. Even if there is no active pressure to take drugs within their friend group, seeing other people engaging in drug use can quickly encourage others to do the same and avoid feeling like they have missed out.
  • Poor Mental Health
    When teenagers experience poor mental health due to family issues, problems at school, or a range of other factors, it can make them more likely to seek unhealthy solutions. Drug use often stems from a desire to escape from reality and find some temporary relief. Many drugs will take effect quickly, which gives people a sense of instant relief or gratification. Teens often experience unique problems during this period of their life as they grapple with their own sense of identity and navigate a more challenging school or work environment.
  • Lack of Self-Confidence
    In some cases, teenagers may experiment with drug use to get confidence or courage that they don’t feel they have otherwise. Whether they are trying to find the courage to ask their crush on a date or lower their inhibitions to engage fully in a social situation, a lack of confidence can drive many teens to experiment with alcohol and other substances. However, teens who are very confident may also try drugs to increase their confidence further or deal with particularly stressful situations.
  • Rebellion
    Another common reason why teenagers might be tempted to experiment with drug use is because of a sense of rebellion. Drugs are frowned upon in almost every society in the world, so engaging in drug use can give some teenagers a sense of independence and rebellion. This could be a driving factor for teens who are naturally more rebellious than others or who feel misunderstood by the people around them.

Supporting Your Teenager to Avoid Drug Use
If you’re concerned about your teen’s drug use, there are various steps you can take to support them, including talking to them calmly and trying to understand their perspective. You can also explore partnering with a company in Clearwater, FL, like Peace of Mind Drug and Background Screening, which offers drug testing as a tool to support you in helping your teen to avoid drug use.

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