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DNA Paternity Testing

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Whenever there is a question around the biological relationship of a child, DNA Paternity Testing is a great way to bring about peace of mind.

What Is DNA Test for Paternity?

Since we all inherit our DNA from our parents, comparing the DNA pattern of a child to an “alleged father” or other potential relative helps provide the most definitive evidence of a biological relationship. We deliver the best and most reliable DNA tests for such a sensitive question, at the best overall value. There’s usually a lot at stake behind this kind of testing service, so trust it to the experts. You’ll be in good hands with us.

How Does DNA Paternity Testing Work?

Our DNA Paternity tests are fast, completely confidential and accurate. Our DNA Paternity Testing partner has provided paternity tests for thousands of customers, and is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing. We have a DNA test to help you find out the truth, regardless of your situation.

How Does DNA Paternity Testing Work?

In addition to providing peace of mind in knowing the truth, DNA Paternity tests can also be useful in the following situations:

  • Obtaining child support
  • Receiving child visitation rights or custody
  • Providing family relationship proof for immigration cases
  • Obtaining Social Security and military benefits
  • Guarding one’s estate from illegitimate claims
  • Resolving adoption issues and confirming biological relationships

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