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  • DNA Paternity / Maternity Testing
  • 1. How accurate is DNA paternity testing?

    DNA paternity testing is very accurate and yields results that indicate a probability of paternity greater than 99% (inclusion) or 0% (exclusion).
  • 2. How quickly can DNA test results be obtained?

    For paternity and maternity tests, we will provide a detailed and comprehensive report within 5-7 business days after our lab partner receives the DNA samples.
  • 3. What situations might require DNA testing?

    DNA paternity and maternity testing results are often required or are useful in the following siutations:
    • Obtaining child support
    • Gaining visitation rights or child custody
    • Providing family relationships for immigration cases
    • Having peace of mind from knowing the true father or mother
    • Establishing eligibility for Social Security or military benefits
    • Protecting one's estate from illegitimate claims
    • Providing Native American ancestry for tribal rights
    • Confirming biological relationship between an adoptive child¬†and birth parents or other possible relations
    • Resolving adoption disputes