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How Long Drugs Stay In Your System

Drugs are used to describe any foreign substance that’s taken to induce some type of effect. This effect may or may not be legal. Now that most employers near Clearwater require mandatory drug testing, you may have some questions about drugs.

How long do drugs stay in your system?
There are so many drugs being used near Clearwater today that it’s difficult to give a definitive answer. Each drug will remain in your body for a different amount of time. There are also other factors that influence how long a drug will stay in your body, including the dose, whether you’re also taking other drugs, how old you are, what your ethnicity is, your gender, and how much you weigh. All these factors will factor into whether a drug will show up when you have your drug screening near Clearwater.

How long can drugs be detected in your urine?
This is an important question that many people ask regarding drug testing. It has to do with how long a drug is measurable in your system for drug testing. Typically, a drug will remain in your body for at least a few days after you use it. During this time, it’s traceable via urine drug screenings. Other drug test screenings, such as hair follicle testing, can trace drugs for a much longer time if abused chronically.

How can you detox before a drug screening?
While it’s always a good thing to stop taking illegal drugs, whether you’re facing drug testing or not, how you quit could be risky, though. When you suddenly stop taking some drugs (a.k.a., cold turkey), it could harmful. This is why you should talk to a doctor near Clearwater to understand the risk factors associated with detox. They’ll also be able to help you determine the best way to get clean – whether this be via a medical detox or some other method. Any decisions made here will help you remain as safe and comfortable through this process as possible. These decisions will then determine whether you need a few days or several weeks to detox before your drug testing.

What type of withdrawal symptoms should you expect?
Once you make the decision to get clean, you must also understand that your body has adapted to your drug of choice being present in your body. This is what’s known as “dependence.” Some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience can be managed with emotional support, while others may require emergency medical intervention. There are also many factors that determine which of these you’ll need. Two of the main factors are the type of drug you’ve abused and the state of your overall health.

How can you know that this information is true?
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