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Preventing Drug Abuse And Supporting Teens After A Divorce

Teen Drug Abuse

A divorce can be challenging for everyone involved, extending way beyond the couple who are separating in Pinellas County. If children and young people are involved, it can be even more challenging. Supporting your teens when going through a divorce isn’t always easy. You are likely to be going through your own personal challenges and may feel like you don’t have a lot of additional mental capacity to deal with more.

However, when their parents are going through a divorce, teens can turn to drugs and other substances. Gateway drugs often lead to the use of other substances and could even result in substance abuse further down the line. Preventing drug abuse early on is an important factor to consider as you support your children through a divorce. Here are some of the things that might help you deal with the situation.

Keep Communications Open
Let your children know that they can always talk to you about any problems. If they feel they cannot approach you for any reason to discuss their issues, this might lead them to turn to substances like drugs. It might also mean that they do not feel comfortable discussing drugs and drug abuse with you, which in turn could mean they take advice elsewhere or are unsure about where to go.

Make Them Aware About the Dangers of Drug Abuse
Creating more awareness about drugs and the problems that come with them can help your teen to feel educated and supported. Letting them know about the dangers of drug abuse and other substance abuse can give them valuable knowledge for life. Even if they or their friends do end up using drugs, they will at least have some awareness of the potential damage that drug abuse can cause.

Spend Time With Your Teen
Although you may be going through a difficult time with a divorce, spending time with your teen is very important. This can help them to feel more loved and supported as well as stay occupied with activities throughout the day. Spending time with your teen during a divorce could also mean that their mental health suffers less, reducing the chances of them turning to drugs and other substances in times of trouble.

Set a Good Example
Be open and honest with your teen and set a good example when it comes to using substances. Explain to your child any reasons you might have for using substances and consider being open with them if you’re in recovery from drug abuse or have struggled with it in the past. It’s important to consider your approach carefully when talking to teens about drug abuse. You should think about their age, their experiences, and their overall mindset and maturity. If you have more than one teen, you may need to approach it in different ways.

Create Boundaries
Although you want your teen to be honest with you about things, this shouldn’t come at the expense of setting appropriate rules. For example, you might want to ensure there are consequences if you find your teen with drugs in the house. If your teen is visiting friends, make sure there is another adult in the house – particularly if they are planning to have a party. Taking certain precautions can help to prevent drug abuse while still helping your teen to feel supported during a divorce.

When You Need to Know
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