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Specialty Drug Testing

After-hour evening and weekend appointments available.

Designer Drug Testing

As if the real stuff wasn’t bad enough, a new threat is out there. Whether someone is talking about synthetic marijuana, K2, spice, bath salts, or some other catchy brand name, dangerous designer drugs are entering the market at an alarmingly rapid pace and being marketed as safe for human consumption. We have solutions and the knowledge to help you combat this problem in your home. Teens typically don’t understand or heed the dangers of these man-made chemicals. With the drug formulas ever-changing, you need up-to-date screening solutions that keep up with this changing problem. Contact us for the best solutions available to screen for this new epidemic facing our teens today.

Alcohol Testing

Even though alcohol is a substance that is consumed by a large portion of the population, its widespread use contributes to high numbers of industrial and car accidents in the United States. Alcohol abuse leads to increased demand for testing methods to detect alcohol use. We offer reliable alcohol testing options to address these concerns – including court-approved breathalyzer screenings and urine tests (EtG) which can be coordinated with our laboratory partners.

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