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What Are The Common Misconceptions About Marijuana And Drug Testing At Work?

Here are some of the common misconceptions about drug testing for marijuana in the workplace.

Some employers choose to carry out drug testing in the workplace to help mitigate some of the potential dangers of cannabis use while at work. In some industries, it is more important than ever that employees are focused and in a state where there can carry out tasks safely. In work settings where employees are required to drive, operate heavy machinery, or focus on complex tasks simultaneously, staying sober becomes even more critical.

Here are some of the common misconceptions about drug testing for marijuana in the workplace.

There is No Significant Danger
While the impact of marijuana on the user will depend on factors such as tolerance or their height and weight, it is safe to assume that people under the influence of marijuana are generally at higher risk of being involved in accidents of causing accidents than those who are sober at work. Studies in this area have concluded that marijuana weakens performance and can impact tasks that require driving, coordination, or interpreting visual signs and cues. This can result in poor performance and avoidable mistakes that can negatively affect workplace safety for the employee who is under the influence of marijuana as well as those around them.

The Risk is Low Unless Marijuana is Used While in the Workplace
Drug testing for marijuana allows you to see whether this substance is in the system of the employee. This means that you can identify whether they have been under the influence in recent days, even if they have not been using marijuana on the day of the test. This means that somebody can still be under the influence of marijuana even if they have not been using it while in the workplace or on the day of the drug testing. While the influence and risk will lessen as the days go by since using marijuana, it is important to understand that somebody who has used this substance the day before might still be feeling the impacts of it.

Only the User is Impacted
It would be incorrect to think that marijuana only impacts the person who is using it. Depending on the industry you are in, marijuana use can affect co-workers and other employees as well as the general public or clients using your products and services. This means that employers must take precautions to ensure their staff members are behaving appropriately and refrain from using substances that could impact their ability to do their jobs safely. Workplace drug testing could help to prevent drug-related problems and accidents at work and make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your teams, clients, and other stakeholders safe.

Finding Workplace Drug Testing Services
If you want to implement regular drug testing in the workplace to keep everyone safer, you can find various options at Peace of Mind Drug and Background Screening. You can find drug testing for multiple substances that can be carried out directly on-site in Clearwater.

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