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Welcome to “Minding Tough Issues”

Welcome to “Minding Tough Issues”

From the team here at Peace of Mind Drug & Background Screening, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new company blog.  In this forum we hope to share useful information with our clients and community on important topics around the products and services we provide.  For those of you just getting to know us, here is a little information about our organization.


Our business grew out of concern for those who felt there was nowhere to turn for help for their friends, loved ones, and acquaintances impacted by the effects of drug abuse.  Our goal is to provide employers, organizations, individuals and property owners top-notch services designed to help make our homes, businesses and properties safer through drug testing and background screening services.

Drug abuse touches everyone and no one is immune from its effects.  Our programs are designed to educate and to discourage the use of drugs by the people we love and need to rely upon.  We also partner with business clients to develop and implement drug and alcohol testing services, pre-employment background screening, and drug free workplace program consultations.

The fight against drug abuse is won one individual, one family at a time.  Our comprehensive program for home use not only discourages your children from using and abusing drugs, but actually are designed to help improve communication within the family.

We also work with many attorneys and individuals, providing the following services:

  • DNA Paternity and Maternity Testing (personal and legal)
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing
  • Background Checks

For property owners we can also provide the following services:

  • Tenant Credit Reports
  • National Eviction Registry
  • Sexual Offender Report (nationwide)
  • Criminal Summary Report (nationwide)

We offer other important services and carry many other types of test kits, etc.  If you don’t wee what you are looking for at www.CatchThemQuick.com, please call us!

Now that we’ve been better introduced, please stay tuned for more useful information to be posted here as we “mind tough issues” together.