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Things To Know About Drug Testing At Work

some of the key facts about drug testing at work

If you’re thinking about introducing drug testing to the workplace, you might be looking for a bit more detail about what it may involve and the benefits of this practice. Drug testing is something that has been widely rolled out across many businesses, including in Pinellas County, and there are various things you should consider before starting this practice.

Let’s look at some of the key facts about drug testing at work and what you should be thinking about before going ahead and introducing it to your company.

Why Use Drug Testing at Work?
There are some key benefits to gain when some employers choose to implement this practice.

Employers may choose to do drug testing to create a sense of safety and security for all their employees. It can prevent staff from using illegal substances, especially while at work or immediately before coming to work.

Companies that implement drug testing throughout the workplace will generally not attract people who regularly use drugs and other substances. In this sense, it can help to attract the best employees for your business.

Drug testing can also help to identify employees who may be struggling with substance abuse. Employers may choose to offer professional assistance under these circumstances to support their staff.

What are Some of the Disadvantages of Drug Testing?
Although there are several reasons why employers choose to do drug testing, there are also various reasons why some employers don’t think it is worth the time and cost.

Drug testing is not always entirely accurate, so false readings are still possible. This means that despite company-wide drug testing, it is not always possible to identify every employee who may be using substances.

Testing doesn’t happen in real-time, so in many cases, employees who know they have a drug test coming up could avoid taking substances long enough to ensure a negative test result.

Drug testing may not be a measure that can effectively and actively discourage employees from using drugs and substances while at work. However, random drug testing programs can be approved and put into place as part of a Drug-free Workplace Program to help deter unwanted activity.

Things to Consider if You Choose to Implement Drug Testing at Work
If you’ve decided to implement regular drug testing at work, there are various things that you should think about, particularly in relation to your employees.

  • Keep information confidential: If you start drug testing your employees, you will need to ensure that any results and information related to the tests are 100% confidential.
  • Inform your employees: When you start drug testing at work, you should inform the relevant employees and ensure they are fully aware of the process and what is expected of them.
  • Take action as necessary: If there is a positive test result, you should conduct at least one more test to confirm. Give employees the chance to explain their test results and consider consequences within the right context. Be ready to support employees if needed.
  • Justify the use of drug testing: Employees may rightly want to understand more about why drug testing is being implemented at work. Explain to them how drugs may affect their role and why the company considers drug testing to be important.

Finding the Right Service
It’s important to find the right service for your business when it comes to drug testing. Peace of Mind Drug and Background Screening has a wealth of experience supporting businesses in Pinellas County to carry out regular drug testing and make their workplaces and workforce more effective.

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