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What Should You Know About Drugged Driving?

What are the Problems with Drugged Driving?

It’s dangerous to take drugs and then drive a vehicle. Many accidents are caused every year as a result of drugged drivers. There are many reasons why driving under the influence is so bad for the driver and other road users. When companies in Clearwater and Pinellas County rely heavily on drivers, ensuring they are not putting themselves and others at risk is essential. With more awareness, individuals and businesses can help to create a safer and healthier environment. Let’s take a closer look at drugged driving and some of the risks associated with this harmful activity.

Who Drives Under the Influence of Drugs?

There are many different types of drivers who choose to take drugs, but some people might be more likely to do this than others. People who drive trucks and other large vehicles for long amounts of time might take drugs and other substances to keep themselves feeling alert or to reduce boredom.

Truck drivers may use different types of drugs to help reduce tiredness behind the wheel during long journeys. These may include depressants, stimulants, or sleeping pills. Long-haul drivers may have irregular shifts and schedules that make it difficult to get into a healthy routine. Drivers who are overworked might not have time to seek help or visit their doctor to discuss any problems. Many factors could lead to taking drugs while driving.

What are the Problems with Drugged Driving?

The problems with drugged driving are wide-ranging and can cause minor problems as well as major accidents on the road. Let’s consider some of the most common problems when drivers get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs.

Increases the chance of an accident
Certain drugs might cause someone to lose consciousness or become less alert while driving. Others might create anxiety and lead to panic attacks or even heart attacks. Falling asleep at the wheel or losing control of a vehicle can prove fatal for you and other road users.

Road rage
Some drugs might lead to anger and rage while driving, which can lead to arguments with other road users or, even worse, accidents. It could also lead to other drivers reporting the angry driver to the police, which in turn could lead to drug testing, arrests, and further questioning.

Many truck drivers do not have a healthy sleeping schedule and may not be getting enough rest. Taking drugs while feeling tired might help them to feel more alert temporarily but can later lead to further tiredness and drowsiness while driving. This can cause slower reaction times, which can be detrimental in certain situations.

What are the Consequences of Drugged Driving?

Drivers who are caught under the influence of drugs could face prosecution. If a situation involving drugs has led to aggression or other criminal activity, a driver could be prosecuted for more than just driving under the influence of drugs.

Truck drivers and other drivers working for an employer may undergo drug testing if they are suspected to be under the influence. It is not uncommon, and is sometimes a requirement, for companies to carry out DOT drug testing before hiring someone. Some companies may also use drug testing among their employees where they suspect the use of drugs.

If an employee is subjected to DOT drug testing during their employment, the results could determine whether their employment is terminated. Many companies, particularly driving companies, take a hard stance on drug use and will not tolerate it among staff members. DOT drug testing is often used if a staff member is suspected of using drugs and driving.

In addition to the possibility of losing employment, drivers may be arrested and given fines or other criminal charges. In some cases, this may even lead to time in prison.

Regularly taking drugs can also lead to long-term mental health problems. This can make it difficult for someone to hold down a job, maintain friendships, and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Reliable Drug Testing

To ensure your workforce is performing at their best while driving, DOT drug testing may be required where you suspect the use of drugs. Whether you’re looking to implement routine drug testing for potential or current employees in Clearwater and Pinellas County, get in touch with Peace of Mind Drug and Background Screening for all your company’s requirements.

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