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What Can Cause A False Positive Drug Test?

several reasons why a drug test may produce a false positive

Drug tests are used for many different reasons in Clearwater. They may be used by an employer to test whether their employees are using drugs, commonly in industries where activities such as construction or driving are involved. However, in some circumstances, drug tests can produce false positives. Positive tests should be sent to a laboratory for further testing, where it may be discovered that the initial result was false.

There are several reasons why a drug test may produce a false positive. Here are some of the reasons to be aware of.

Certain types of medication can cause a drug test to produce a false positive. Commonly used medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen may interfere with the result and cause it to initially appear positive. You may want to tell your employer about the medication you are taking and be prepared in your own mind for the prospect of a false positive. If this happens, your employer should send the test for further assessment at a laboratory to confirm the result. In some cases, coming off the medication temporarily or substituting it for something different, such as aspirin, can make a difference in the result shown.

Second-hand smoke
In some cases, a drug test may show a false positive if the person has been around other people who smoke marijuana. Although the person taking the test might not have smoked it directly themselves, it can result in a false positive if they have been inhaling second-hand cannabis smoke or spending time with people who are smoking cannabis. However, false positives due to second-hand cannabis smoke only happen occasionally, and some people may try to use this as an excuse to deny a true positive result.

CBD oil
CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it is derived from the same plant family as cannabis. This means that the consumption of CBD oil could result in a false positive if it is detected strongly enough. While CBD oil does not typically contain THC, there is still a chance that it could result in a false positive result being shown on a drug test.

Finding a Drug Test Supplier
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