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What You Need To Know About Background Checks And Criminal Record Checks

What is a Criminal Record Check?

You might hear about background checks and criminal records checks often, but understanding all the detail about them can feel complex. One of the most common reasons for background checks is during the recruitment process, where candidates are often required to undergo checks before starting a new job. There are various different checks which can be carried out in Clearwater and nationwide, which is why it can sometimes seem confusing. We’ll consider the main elements of background checks and criminal record checks to help you understand exactly what the difference is between the two options.

What is a Background Check?
There are many different types of background checks, including checks on your driving history, employment, credit, and your education. Among the various background checks are criminal record checks – which check your criminal record and history, as the name suggests.

Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, you may need to undergo various background checks. Many jobs will require that you have a background check on any potential criminal history, also known as a criminal record check.

If you’re applying to work in a job with children or vulnerable adults, you may need to undergo an advanced background check which goes further back into your history or provides a more in-depth assessment of your background.

Jobs that involve driving, for example, might require a check on your driving history and any potential fines or problems which have occurred within the last few years. Jobs that rely heavily on certain qualifications may ask you to undergo a background check on your education and credentials.

What is a Criminal Record Check?
As it has already been suggested above, a criminal record check is a type of background check. Although the terms ‘background check’ and ‘criminal record check’ might be used interchangeably by some people, this is not necessarily correct.

A criminal record check will specifically check your criminal history. By default, criminal record checks look at the last seven years. However, some employers may choose to pay for advanced criminal record checks which can look back ten years or more to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Why are Background Checks Important?
If you’re hiring staff, background checks can be an important tool in assessing the history, behavior, and character of your potential staff member. For some roles, including those where workers are alone or not involved with children or vulnerable adults, a basic background check might be sufficient. However, in some sectors, it is important to carry out all the necessary background checks to a high standard, which can help to prevent the hiring of potentially problematic staff.

Ensuring The Right Checks
It’s important to get the right background checks when hiring potential staff members for your company, and in Clearwater you can visit Peace of Mind Drug and Background Screening for your requirements. You will be guided through the options and services available, giving you real “peace of mind” that you’re doing thorough checks on candidates before they are hired.

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